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Using Comments and @mentions

Learn all about comments and @mentions in Vtiger CRM - why they are useful, how to use them, and other details.
17 Aug, 2020 - Updated 3 years ago
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Do you ask what’s the easiest way to grab someone’s attention to something on Vtiger CRM? 

We say @mentions! 

Do you want to know about the easiest way to communicate with your team?

We say @mentions!

Here are some instances where you can use @mentions:

As a sales rep, you want to update your manager with details of a deal that you are working on. You can simply mention your manager on the deal record. 


You want to discuss a future event with your remote team members. You can discuss by mentioning them on the event record. 

Where can you view comments and @mentions 

Comments and @mentions are displayed under the Activity section of a record’s Summary View. 


Handy details:

You can set up notifications for @mentions by going to Main Menu > Essentials > Actions > Configuration > Mentions


These notifications are displayed under Main Menu > Essentials > Actions > Notifications > Mentions.

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Using Comments

 Click on the comment space in the Activity section of a record’s Summary View to write a comment. To mention a user, type ‘@’ followed by the username. 

Comment actions

Let us take the example of Contacts' Summary View to learn about comment actions. 

  1. Posting a comment

Click on the comment space. After writing a comment, click Post to post it. Posted comments can be seen in the Activity section. 

  1. Editing a comment

Hover on the comment and click the Edit icon to edit the text. 

Hover on a comment to react or reply to a comment, to copy direct comment link, and create a sticky note from the comment. 

  1. Reacting to a comment

Click the React icon to react to the comment with one of these seven emoticons:

Reactions are displayed below the comment. Click the icon beside the emoticon to view the names of users who have reacted to the comment.

  1. Replying to a comment

Click the Reply icon to reply to a comment. Click Post to post it. 

  1. Copying direct comment link 

Click the Direct Link icon to copy the comment link. You can share the comment link with a user to direct him or her to the comment. 

  1. Creating a sticky note

Click the Sticky Note icon to display the comment as a sticky note. Sticky notes are displayed on top of the Activity section.  

To learn more about Sticky Notes in Vtiger CRM, click here.

Note: You cannot delete a comment.  

Possibilities on the Comment Box 

The comment box supports formatting text, attaching files, and inserting pictures, links, and emoticons. 

  1. Formatting text

You have the options of Bold, Italic, Underline, and Strikethrough to format text in a comment. You can also set text size, insert numbered and bulleted lists, and increase or decrease indent.

  1. Attaching files

You can attach files to a comment from your local computer or from Documents in Vtiger CRM. 

Click the Attach Files drop-down and:

  • Choose From Computer to browse through your local computer to find a file. 
  • Choose From CRM to browse through your documents in the Documents module to find a file.
  1. Inserting pictures and links 

Click the Image icon to insert a picture within the comment by setting up Image Properties. 

The Direct Link option allows you to insert clickable URLs, anchor text, email IDs, phone numbers. Clicking on email IDs or phone numbers in comments opens the email or phone client installed on your local computer to send an email or place a call. 

  1. Inserting emoticons 

Along with text, you can add emoticons in a comment. Click the Emoji List icon and select an emoticon to add it to your comment.


  • You can expand the comment box by dragging it from the bottom right corner. 
  • The date and time at which a comment was posted can be viewed when you hover on the comment.

Setting up alerts for @mentions

You can enable alerts for individual or group mentions in order to get notified when somebody mentions you or your team. This can be done by going to Main Menu > Essentials > Actions > Configuration > Mentions.

Follow these steps to enable mention alerts:

  1. Click the Main Menu.
  2. Go to the Essentials tab.
  3. Select Actions.
  4. Click the More icon and select Configuration.
  5. Click the Mentions tab.
  6. Turn on the toggle button to enable alerts.

Mention alerts are displayed under Main Menu > Essentials > Actions > Notifications > Mentions.

Exporting Comments

Vtiger CRM allows you to export comments to your local system through Reports. You can create a report on comments in the same way you create reports on other modules. After creating the report, you can download it as a .csv or .xlsx file.

Follow these steps to export comments by creating a report:

  1. Click the Main Menu.
  2. Go to the Dashboard tab.
  3. Select Reports.
  4. Click Add Report button.
  5. Enter the report name, select a report folder, and the primary module as Comments.
  6. Click Save and Continue.
  7. Enter the following details:

Report Details: Choose what data to show and how to group report data.

  1. Click the Report Properties tab.
  2. Select fields under Group by Row and Group by Column, based on which report data will be grouped or sorted.
  3. Select Data Fields to display in the report.

Filters: Add conditions and filter comments.

  1. Click the Filters tab.
  2. Set up All Conditions if you want to apply multiple conditions and all of them must be satisfied to pull data for the report.
  3. Set up Any Conditions if you want to apply multiple conditions and at least one of them must be satisfied to pull data for the report.

Charts: Select a chart type to generate the report.

  1. Click the Charts tab.
  2. Select Chart Type and chart sub-type.
  3. Enter Chart Properties.
  1. Click Save and Run. The report is generated.
  2. Click the Export button located on the top right corner of the report.
  3. Pick a format:
  1. Export CSV to download the report in .csv format 
  2. Export Excel to download the report in .xlsx format

The report will be downloaded in the selected format.

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