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Dropbox Integration

This article will help you understand the benefits of Vtiger CRM and Dropbox integration.
Bindu Rekha Babu
17 Mar, 2021 - Updated 28 days ago


Dropbox is a modern workspace designed to reduce busywork-so you can focus on the things that matter. It is a file hosting service that allows you to upload files, store, share, and access them from anywhere, at any time.

When you save files to Dropbox, you can: 

  • View and use these files across various devices and locations
  • Organize your files and data
  • Share these files with others
  • Free up space on your devices

Dropbox and Vtiger CRM

Are you a Vtiger CRM user who also uses Dropbox? Then you can easily access your documents in Dropbox directly from the Vtiger CRM.  

When you upload a file to Dropbox, you will also have a record of the upload in your CRM account. This way, you can access your documents from your CRM account, and you do not have to log in to different online storage apps.

To know more about Dropbox + Vtiger CRM, click here.

Feature Availability

Sales Starter

Sales Professional

Sales Enterprise

One Professional

One Enterprise

Feature Availability



Note: Dropbox is also available in the Help Desk Starter and Help Desk Professional editions.

Uploading and Linking Documents 

You can upload documents to Dropbox as well as link them from Dropbox to your CRM or save it on your local computer.

Note: You must have a Dropbox account to use Dropbox storage.

Uploading Documents to Dropbox 

Follow these steps to upload documents to Dropbox from the CRM:

  1. Log in to your CRM account.
  2. Click the Main Menu.
  3. Go to Essentials.
  4. Select Documents.
  5. Click +Add.
  6. Click Upload. 
  7. Select Dropbox as your document storage in the Upload Document window.
  8. Sign in to your Dropbox account using your credentials.
  9. Assign a user to the document.
  10. Select the folder where you want to store your document.
  11. You can either upload the document by a drag-and-drop action or select the document from your local system.
  12. Click Upload.

The document will be uploaded to Dropbox.

Did you know?

You can view the documents uploaded to Dropbox from the CRM. Simply, click the Dropbox option on the side panel.


Linking your Documents to CRM

If you have a document in Dropbox and want a record of it in the CRM, you just have to link it. 

Follow these steps to link documents to CRM from Dropbox:

  1. Log in to your CRM account.
  2. Click the Main Menu.
  3. Go to Essentials.
  4. Select Documents.
  5. Click +Add.
  6. Click Link.
  7. Select Dropbox to link from in the Link Document window.
  8. Select the folder where you want to store your document.
  9. Assign a user to the document.
  10. Click Browse to choose the document you want to link.
  11. Sign in to your Dropbox using your credentials.
  12. Select the document from your Dropbox.
  13. Click Add.
  14. Click Link Selected files.

The document will be linked to CRM.

To know more about Documents, click here.
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