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Integration with Twitter

Bindu Rekha Babu
10 Sep, 2020 - Updated 1 year ago
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Vtiger CRM Social Module is another way to delight your clients through social networking sites. It lets you to monitor and engage with the customers in the social space as well as keep track of their social activities within the CRM.

Using Social Module with Twitter Integration, you can create Leads, Events, and Tasks, Opportunity or a Case from a tweet. It also allows you to search for particular keywords or queries that help you to generate new Leads or Opportunities or solving your customers’ queries.

Edition Required

This feature is available in Sales ProfessionalHelp Desk ProfessionalVtiger One Professional and Vtiger One Enterprise editions.

Getting Started

This section contains notes to help you get started with Vtiger CRM integration with Twitter. Before diving into sync process, you’ll need to establish a connection between the two applications (Vtiger and Twitter).


Twitter Integration is not enabled by default and needs to be installed from Vtiger Marketplace.

Please follow these steps to install.

  1. Click the Menu icon.
  2. Click on Extension Store.
  3. Search and click Install button under Social.
  4. Click Ok in the confirmation popup.

After installing, follow few simple steps to establish the connection between Vtiger and Twitter

  1. Log into your Vtiger CRM account.
  2. Click the Menu icon.
  3. Click on Social under Essentials
  4. Click on Next button
  5. Click on Get Started button to authorise Your Twitter account with Vtiger CRM.

  6. Click on Authorize app on the Twitter page to provide access to Vtiger CRM.

After successful configuration, you will land upon Posts page which shows the list of posts made by you.


Posts dashboard explains to you how the CRM will track the user engagement in social media by giving insights like a trend from last 7 days and increase in a number of posts and favourites from the previous week and current week.

alt text

You can reply to the post, add the tweet as your favourite, undo retweet or delete the post that doesn’t fascinate you from the Posts dashboard. You can also perform the actions such as creating an Event, Opportunity, or Case for the desired post.

My Search Stream

Streams are the Tweets of the particular Twitter user. These tweets will get updated each time you click on it.
Click on the heavy_plus_sign icon beside My Search Stream to create a new stream. In the popup that appears enter all the necessary details and click on Save.

alt text

  1. Stream Name: Enter Name or title of the search stream for your reference.
  2. Message From: Filters all the messages of the Twitter user you have entered.
    Eg: @fbmarkzukerberg
  3. Must Mention: Enter the keywords that you want to be included in the tweets you search.

    • Any option: Search for any one of the keywords mentioned in the field that the tweet should contain.
    • All Option: Searches all the keywords entered in the field, that must appear in the single tweet.
  4. Does not mention: Enter the keywords that you don’t want to be included in the tweet.

    alt text

Types Of Keywords :

  • Normal keywords like vtiger, CRM etc.
  • “# tag keyword like #vtigercrm, #nike etc”
  • @ mention keywords like @vtigercrm, @PMOIndia

You can now see the tweets of the stream based on the keywords you mentioned.


View all your favourite post that you marked favourite under this section.

alt text

Adding Lead, Event/Task, Cases, and Opportunities

How do you generate a lead from a post?

Here are the steps you need to follow to create a lead.

  1. In My Search Stream section hover the mouse under the Actions tab of a particular post.
  2. Click on Add Lead to create a lead.

    alt text

  3. Enter all the necessary details in the Quick create the popup.

How do you create a contact from a post?

When you click on Add Case + Contact or Add Opportunity + Contact, it will create a ticket or opportunity along with the contact if the contact name doesn’t exist.

Publishing a Tweet

Add a tweet from Vtiger CRM without logging into your Twitter account. You can even upload images or files maximum of 3 MB.

  1. Click on Publish button to compose a tweet and upload a file.
    In the popup that appears compose the tweet maximum length of 140 characters.
  2. Click on Choose File button to upload a file or an image.

    alt text

  3. Click on Tweet button to post a tweet in Twitter.

Social Media Action

Different actions such as reply, retweet or add favourite can be done for a particular post in My Search stream section.

i. Click on the reply icon to reply to that post.

alt text

ii. Click on retweet button from More to share a tweet to your followers.

alt text

iii. Click on the favourite button to make a tweet as the favourite.

Social Activity Of Contact

Find all the activities of your contact on twitter in the detailed view of that contact.

alt text

Go to Contacts → Select a contact → Click Twitter icon in Summary view → Click on Search profiles in Twitter → Select the profile which matches the Contact name.

After selecting the profile, the tweets of that contact will be displayed. Given an option, you can retweet, reply, add Lead, add Event/Task, add Case + Contact, add Opportunity + Contact to that user from the widget.

Revoking Access To Twitter

To delete the twitter account that you authorized with Vtiger CRM, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Social Module.
  2. Select Revoke Access to Twitter option from top-right corner.
  3. Click Yes in the confirmation popup that appears to remove the configured Twitter account.
    Your Twitter account will be deleted from Vtiger CRM.
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