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Converting a Hot Lead to Deal

Bindu Rekha Babu
21 Sep, 2020 - Updated 6 months ago


Once a Lead is qualified and determined to be a potential sale, it is considered as a Hot Lead and can be converted to a Deal. A Contact record and Organization record will be created simultaneously to store the personal information and company information.

Once a Lead is qualified and determined to be a potential sale, the Lead can be converted to deal by following these steps

  1. Click on the Lead record you intend to convert
  2. In the detail view, Click on  and select Convert Lead.
  3. In the convert Lead pop-up, you can modify the existing values and transfer related records.
  4. If there is a chance of an immediate sale, un-check Deal check-box.
  5. Click Save
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  1. You can transfer related records (Documents, Emails etc.,) to either Organization or Contacts by selecting the radio button during the Lead Conversion.
  2. Lead record will no more be available after Lead Conversion.
  3. After conversion, Contact, Organization or Deal records cannot be reverted to the previous state.

B2C Model

If you are dealing business only with a Contact, you can remove the mandatory status of Company field in Leads Module and un-check Organization checkbox​ in Lead Conversion pop-up; As a result, only a contact record will be created upon Lead conversion.

Mapping Fields

Vtiger CRM helps you to map Standard fields and Custom fields before converting a Lead to Contact and Organization, or an Deal. The field values will be transmitted to the selected target fields. This will ensure that the data will not be lost upon Lead conversion.

List of standard fields that are mapped by-default in Vtiger CRM

Lead Field Field Type Contacts Field Organizations Field Deals Field
Annual Revenue Currency Annual Revenue
City Text Shipping City
City Text Billing City Mailing City
Company Organization Name Deal Name
Country Text Billing Country Mailing Country
Country Text Shipping Country
Description Text Area Description Description Description
Email Email Email Email
First Name Text First Name First Name
Industry Pick List Industry
Last Name Text First Name First Name
Lead Source Pick List Lead Source Lead Source
No Of Employees Integer Employees
Phone Phone Phone Office Phone
PO Box Text Shipping PO Box
PO Box Text Billing PO Box Mailing PO Box
Postal Code Text Billing Postal Code
Postal Code Text Shipping Postal Code
Rating Pick List Rating
Salutation Text Salutation
Secondary Email Email Secondary Email
State Text Shipping State
State Text Billing State Mailing State
Street Text Area Billing Address Mailing Street
Street Text Area Shipping Address
Website URL Website

Standard fields will be automatically mapped but the custom fields should be mapped manually. With only few clicks, you’ll be able to map fields in the lead record to fields in Contacts, Organizations and Deals. However, auto-generated fields such as Created Time, Modified Time and Lead Number cannot be mapped.

Steps to modify the existing fields or map custom fields

  1. Click the Main menu.
  2. Click Leads under MARKETING
  3. Click  icon in the top right
  4. Click Lead Conversion Data Mapping
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  5. Click Edit button on top right to modify existing field settings or map custom fields

  6. Click Add Mapping button in the down; Consequently, new set of fields (place holders) will be added to map custom fields.
  7. Select the source field and map it to the target field accordingly.
  8. Click Save


  1. Target Field type should be identical to the Source Field type. For instance, If Source Field is a Picklist, the Target Field should also be a Picklist Field.
  2. The Target Field size should be greater than or equal to the Source Field.
  3. Target Field values should only be mapped once.

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