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Whitelisting the Vtiger Domain in Office 365

This article guides you through the process of whitelisting the Vtiger domain in Office 365.
Abdul Sameer
9 Apr, 2024 - Updated 1 month ago
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Introduction to Whitelisting

This article provides information about Whitelisting the Vtiger domain in Office 365. 
Whitelisting is a cybersecurity method that allows users to only perform actions on their computer that an administrator has explicitly authorized in advance. In short, the user has limited functionality, and the administrator determines what they can access is secure.


The Whitelist is a list of programs that users can use. For a variety of reasons, management employs an application whitelisting strategy. The goal is to prevent a security breach.
Consider the consequences of a user downloading an application online. This conduct could be deliberate or unintentional. In either situation, the downloaded program could be harmful. This scenario could be avoided by implementing an application whitelisting strategy.

Benefits of Whitelisting

  • Improves privacy. Spot and restrict anonymous email senders or programmers in your Inbox or system. 
  • Improves security. Blocks most of the malware attacks from spam mails and harmful applications.
  • Improves productivity. Employees will have access only to admin-approved emails and applications.
  • Improves deliverability. Timely follow-ups via emails. 

Who should Whitelist the Vtiger domain in Office 365

Suppose your essential business emails come from multiple platforms such as Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo. In that case, you will need to Whitelist the email domain or online service to avoid these emails landing in the Junk or spam folder. 

Why should you Whitelist the Vtiger domain in Office 365

Automatic filters in Office 365 protect your email account by diverting suspected spam to a different folder away from the Inbox. It also features a separate safe sender list that identifies trusted senders. It also allows you to download images from these trusted senders automatically. Essential emails may sometimes end up in the spam folder. Creating a Whitelist tells the system which domains it must allow.

Key Terminology 

Email Domain The part of an email address following the @ sign is known as the email domain. Most people use gmail.com, outlook.com, or yahoo.com for personal emails. However, in a commercial setting, firms nearly always have their email domain.
Bypass Spam Filter Spam screening will not be applied to the emails. Spam emails with a high level of confidence are still screened. Other aspects of EOP remain unaffected (for example, messages are continuously scanned for malware).
Spam Confidence Level Inbound messages are filtered for spam in EOP and given a spam score. An individual spam confidence level (SCL) is mapped to that score and added to the message in an X-header. Communication with a higher SCL is more likely to be spam.

How do you Whitelist the Vtiger domain in Office 365?

If users' inbound emails from multiple platforms are diverted to the spam folder, you need to whitelist the Vtiger domain. For example, vtiger.email or vtigermail.com 
You can Whitelist a domain in Office 365’s Admin center. You need to have an Admin user account to add or change domain settings. In the Admin Center screen, you will be able to select the domain, add conditions, and related actions. 

 Note: You can export or import Whitelisted domains from the Add-on publisher.

Whitelisting the Vtiger domain in Office 365

Follow these steps to Whitelist the Vtiger domain in Office 365: 

  1. Log in to your Office 365 account.
  1. Click the 365 Admin Center drop-down box at the top of the screen.
  2. Select Exchange from the Admin centers drop-down.
  1. Click Mail flow in the Exchange admin center drop-down. 
  2. Click Rules from the mail flow drop-down. 
  3. Click + icon.
  1. Select Bypass spam filtering from the drop-down. Bypass spam filtering window opens. Enter or select information for the following:
  1. Name: As per requirement. For example, the Whitelist-Vtiger domain.
  2. Apply this rule if: Select The sender from the drop-down and then the select domain is from the drop-down.
  3. Specify domain: Click on the domain beside Apply this rule if drop-down. A dialogue box appears.
  1. Type the domain name as vtigermail.com.
  2. Click + icon.
  3. Click OK
  1. After adding the rule, select the action from the Do the following section.  
  2. Select Modify the message properties from the drop-down.
  3. Select Set the spam confidence level (SCL).
  4. Click Save

You will now have Whitelisted the Vtiger domain in Office 365.

Note: If you are unable to add the Vtiger domain from the steps above, please get in touch with support@vtiger.com.

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