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Vtiger Knowledge Base

An introduction to Vtiger Knowledge Base.
Bindu Rekha Babu
12 Mar, 2024 - Updated 4 months ago
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A knowledge base is a centralized platform for organizing and sharing knowledge in different forms like documents, videos, presentations, etc. Employees, customers, and the public can access the latest information about your organization, products, or services based on your industry. 

You can add, organize, and share information in different formats, such as Google documents, PDFs, videos, GIFs, FAQs, etc. You can provide or restrict access to the information in the knowledge base as required. 

Vtiger’s Knowledge Base Portal

Vtiger’s Knowledge Base portal is a repository of information related to the features of Vtiger CRM. This information is available in the form of articles (help documentation), Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), videos, eBooks, etc., to employees, CRM users, and the public.

Accessing Vtiger’s Knowledge Base

You can access Vtiger’s Knowledge Base from:


Components of Vtiger’s Knowledge Base

When you land on the Knowledge Base home page, you will see the following components.

Help documentation

When you land on the Knowledge Base, you can see the following types of Help documentation for every feature in the CRM under different categories:

  • Articles - They give you complete information about a CRM feature - from its description to the steps on using it. For example, the article on Print Template tells you everything you need to know about the Print template feature, its benefits, its availability in different CRM editions, and the steps for using it in your organization.  
  • FAQs - They answer specific queries about a CRM feature or how you can use it. For example, if you have a specific question about how to use merge tags in a print template, then you can look up an FAQ instead of going through the entire article.
  • Release Notes - They are a list of new features or feature enhancements with descriptions that are released regularly by Vtiger CRM. The Release Notes are published once or twice a month based on the releases. 
  • User Guides - They are a collection of articles pertaining to a particular app, module, or feature in the CRM. For example, you will find a user guide on Project Management on KB.

Categories on Knowledge Base Home Page

Articles and other documentation are currently grouped into different categories, such as Getting Started with Vtiger, Adding Tools, Overviews, Vtiger Marketing, Vtiger Sales, etc. Clicking on these categories will 

Search Functionality

A robust search feature enables users to quickly find articles by entering keywords or phrases. It helps in efficient knowledge retrieval.
The KB Search Results page displays the first 10 articles related to the keyword you typed in the Search field, the Show More option, and page numbers.

  • Clicking the Show More link will take you to the respective sections, which will display the first 10 items and page numbers.
  • Clicking the page numbers will display more. 

Submit a Request

You can use the Submit a request option to request an article from Vtiger. Our team will review the available content and reach out to you. 

Article Feedback 

You can provide feedback on articles, helping administrators identify content that may need improvement or updates.


Creating a Help Center or Knowledge Base

Creating a Help Center or a Knowledge Base involves choosing a platform or service where you will store, manage, and make your knowledge articles accessible to users.

Vtiger Help Center 

Vtiger’s Help Center (HC) is a customizable website that will host all the content you publish in different forms like articles, FAQs, updates, etc. You can share the Help Center’s URL with your customers to help them solve their issues.

Did you also know that the HC is completely customizable? Yes, you can customize the look and feel of your Help Center according to your business standards just by the click of a button. To know more about the Help Center and how you can customize it, click here.

Once you have configured the Help Center, it's time to write and publish your first article! Continue to the next section to understand how to create an article.

Hosting an Independent Knowledge Base

If you have bought a domain and want to use a custom URL to host your KB, then Vtiger provides you with the Redirect to the custom URL field in Article settings. 

After you set up your KB on a custom domain, you can configure your custom URL in this field. Enabling this field will redirect your documentation and display it on your KB. Note: This field is enabled by default. 

If you do not want the articles to be redirected, simply disable the field. Disabling the field will ensure that you can access the KB portal using the custom URL setup with the proxy URL.

Click here to learn more.

Now that you know how to set up a Knowledge Base, you are now ready to create a help document or an article. Read the articles listed below, and they will help you create a few documents and FAQs of your own.

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