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Server Scripts & Jobs Overview

Abdul Sameer
15 Mar, 2024 - Updated 1 month ago
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“Server Scripts & Jobs” empower you to craft server-side scripts for executing diverse tasks. Often there arises a necessity for customized processing on the server, either triggered by record updates or scheduled intervals. This module empowers Vtiger users to author server-side scripts for executing diverse tasks. Through this capability, users can enact custom actions upon record saving or upon approval/rejection. Moreover, they can devise bespoke background tasks to execute at predetermined intervals.


Use Cases

  • Validate contact email addresses.
  • Enhance lead information.
  • Retrieve customer credit scores from an external service and synchronize with CRM.
  • Execute actions based on business rules if it's a weekend.
  • Periodically import leads from external sources.
  • Adjust data in parent records according to child records or vice versa based on business rules.
  • Create or update related record by merging CRM data and data from external source
  • Transmit CRM data to a warehouse.
  • Integrate AI-powered customer sentiment analysis for feedback analysis.
and the list goes on.

This module provides two ways to trigger these server-side code named “Server Scripts” and “Server Jobs”

Server Scripts

These are server-side code executed when certain action happens. For example, a record is saved or is approved/rejected. They should be used for lighter operations like updating some field values based on complex business logic.

  • These are triggered when a record is saved, approved, or rejected, usually set up within workflows, processes, or approvals.
  • They receive both the data of the record being saved and user information.
  • Tasks include updating record data based on complex logic, creating records in other modules, or sending emails through external services.
  • Field values changed in the record data through code gets updated back in CRM like an update field action.
  • They execute immediately and can slow down record saves if they take too long.

For more details refer to Server Scripts documentation.

Server Jobs

These are server-side code executed at fixed interval. They should be used for heavy and periodic operations.

  • These are background tasks that run at scheduled intervals (like hourly, daily, or weekly).
  • They don't receive user or record data but run under the owner user's context.
  • Useful for heavy and periodic tasks such as fetching data from external services or sending data to them.
  • They operate in the background without blocking CRM operations.
  • Scheduled and executed by a service, which manages its load and returns results to the CRM after execution.

For more details refer to Server Jobs documentation.

Server Scripts Server Jobs
Trigger On record save / approval / rejection Scheduled time / Scheduled frequency
Available in Workflows/Processes/Approval Flows Server Jobs page
Available Context The saved record and account owner user context Any record fetched as per the job code. There is no user context for server jobs.
Time Limit 15 seconds 90 seconds for hourly / 240 seconds for daily, weekly, and monthly
Memory Limit 32 MB 128 MB

Edition Limits

Edition Available Server Script execution daily limit Server Job execution daily limit
Starter No - -
Exclusive No - -
Growth Yes 100 1
Professional Yes 300 3
Enterprise Yes 500 5
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