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Is there a way to assign deals automatically to sales reps?
What is the Round Robin mode of auto-assignment?
What is Least Loaded mode of auto-assignment?
I set up an assignment rule on deals but it did not work. What might be the problem?

What are assignment rules?

Using assignment rules, you can automate the process of assigning records to users. When setting up an assignment rule, you must select:
  • The mode of assignment, and
  • the users (group members) to which the rule applies.
Vtiger CRM provides the following two modes of assignment: 
  • Round Robin: Records are assigned in this manner - the first saved record is assigned to the first selected member, the second saved record to the second selected member, and so on. When the first round is complete, the assignment process restarts with the first member in the list again.
  • Least Loaded: Records are assigned to the member having the least number of open records. For example, if Alex has 10 open records and Suraj has 15 open records, then the saved record is assigned to Alex.
You can set up assignment rules for contacts and deals by going to Settings > Automation > Assignment Rules.
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