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Can I add more options in Payment duration ?
How can I rearrange the values inside picklist ?
When I apply a color for a value where all it is applied ?
What is Value assign to Role option ?
When adding values and clicking on add nothing happen, what is the problem ?
When I delete a value, what happens to the record which has that value ?
What are the characters not allowed when adding a new picklist value ?
How do I apply color to a picklist value?
What is Global Picklist? Why is it needed?
How do I Create a Global Picklist?
What is the maximum count of Picklists that I can create?
How do I add a long list of picklist values to a picklist field without entering it manually?
How can I edit values in a multi-select combo box?
How do I add or remove items from a picklist (drop-down field)?

What is a multi-select combo box?

A multi-select combo box allows you to select multiple values from a picklist.
You can use this type of field whenever you need to create an item that can take more than one value.
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