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What are print templates?
What is the benefit of using Vtiger's Print Templates?
How do I view existing print templates?
What are the functions available on the Print Template list view screen?
How do I create a print template?
How do I edit a print template?
Can I add a barcode to my print code?
Can I insert esigns into my print template?
How do I duplicate a print template?
How do I delete a print template?

How to Print a record using a Template?

After successfully creating the template, your template will be available for selection from the list view or detail view of your records in Vtiger CRM.

Print Templates can be accessed by (corresponding to the modules selected while creation)

  1. All modules, while print/export pdf
  2. Workflow email task, to attach Print Template PDF
  3. Inventory modules (PO, SO, Invoice, Quotes) to send emails with pdf.
  4. Customer Portal (Invoice & Quotes)

Refer: Print Templates

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