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Can I scan a business card and create a record in Vtiger?

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Yes, Vtiger 360 has the Business Card scanner that can be used to scan a business card and create a contact/lead records out of it in Vtiger.

To use the business card in Vtiger, follow the below steps

1. Login to Vtiger 360
2. Click on the scan business card icon in the footer of the page 

3. Select the path from where you wish to pick the card to e scanned
  • Use Camera - Click a clear picture of the business card you wish to scan.
  • Use Gallery - Select the image of the business card from the Phone gallery
4. In the Create pop up, select Contacts/Leads to create the record in the respective module.
5. Tap on the field to select from the values pulled in from the scanned card
6. After mapping all the data, click on Next - you will be shown the Create record pop up.
Enter all the required details in the Create record form
7. Click on the tick mark to save the Contact/Lead.

Refer : Business Card Scanner in Vtiger 360

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