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Who is a vendor?
What is the role of vendors in a sales process?
Is the Vendors module available in the Sales Professional edition?
How do I create a vendor record?
Can I add a product to a Vendor record?
How can I add a contact to a vendor record?
How can I export or print a Vendor record?
Can I create a vendor from Quick Create

How can I add a purchase order to a vendor record?

Follow these steps to add a purchase order to a vendor record:
  1. Click the Menu icon.
  2. Go to the Inventory tab.
  3. Select the Vendors module.
  4. Open any vendor record.
  5. Click the +New button in the Summary View.
  6. Click Add or Create button.
  7. Select Purchase Orders.
  8. Enter all the necessary details.
  9. Click Save.
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