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What are duplicate records?
How can I identify duplicate records in a module?
What does Find Duplicates do?
Can I perform a duplicate check on closed records?

How can I prevent the creation of duplicate records?

By setting up a ‘duplicate prevention check’, you can prevent users and external applications from creating duplicate records in a module. 

Follow these steps to set up duplicate prevention for a module:
  1. Log in to your CRM account.
  2. Click the User Menu on the top-right corner of the CRM screen.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Select Module Layouts & Fields under Module Management.
  5. Select the module on which you want to set up duplicate prevention from the Select Module drop-down.
  6. Click the Duplicate Prevention tab.
  7. Turn on the toggle button under Enable duplicate check.
  8. Select the fields (maximum three) based on which you want to run the duplicate check. For example, if you select Deal Name, users will not be able to create a new deal with the same name as an existing deal.
  9. Enable either of the following settings:
    • Consider as duplicate only if all of the unique fields match - A record is considered duplicate if all the fields defined in the previous step match
    • Consider as duplicate if at least one of the unique fields match - A record is considered duplicate if at least one field defined in the previous step matches
  10. Enable Check closed records also for duplicates to run the duplicate check on closed records. Disable it to ignore closed records while checking for duplicates.
  11. Enable Ignore blank values to avoid searching for duplicates on empty field names. Disable it otherwise. 
  12. Choose an action to take if a duplicate record is found while syncing with an external application.
    • Prefer latest record - Most recently modified record will be retained
    • Prefer internal record -Record existing in the CRM will be retained
    • Prefer external record - Record in the external application will be copied and retained
  13. Click Save.
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