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How do I track the time spent on a Project?
What is a project?
How can I create a project?
Can I create a project from a deal?
Can I add a document to a project?
How can I add invoices to projects?
How can I create project milestones from projects?
How can I export or print a project record?
Is Projects available in the Sales Starter edition?
How can I create a project from Quick Create?

How can I add a quote to a project?

A Quote is a formal document presented by the company’s sales team to a potential customer, upon request for quotation. It contains a detailed list of products and services, prices, taxes, terms, and discounts.

Follow these steps to add a quote:
  1. Click the Menu icon.
  2. Go to the Projects tab.
  3. Select the Projects module.
  4. Open any project record.
  5. Click the +New button in the Summary View.
  6. Click Add or Create button.
  7. Select Quotes.
  8. In the list of all the existing quotes, hover over a record to display the radio button.
  9. Select the quote by clicking the radio button.
  10. Click Add Selected button at the bottom of the list.
The linked quote will be displayed in the Sales Ops Widget in the Summary View of the project record.

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