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How to delete an internal ticket?
How are SLAs related to internal tickets?
Why are there no closed states in Internal Tickets?
How many default workflows are there for the Internal Tickets module?
My employees are receiving a feedback survey email that I never send. Why is that?
Can I see the internal tickets created from the employee portal on the CRM?
What are the different statuses of an internal ticket?
How do I assign an SLA to an internal ticket?
How do I assign an internal ticket to a team in my company?
How do I assign an internal ticket to an individual?
How do I create an internal ticket?

What is an internal ticket?

Internal Tickets in Vtiger CRM help the employees of your organization to raise their issues and requests easily. 
Employees can submit their requests and route them to the concerned departments with just a few clicks. This eliminates the need for a dedicated helpdesk.
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