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How do I change the columns of a Shared list/All List ?
How do I easily check which users I have shared the List with?
How can I sort/rearrange the Lists shown in the List dropdown?

How do I create a List/Filter?

To create a List/filter for Contacts module, please follow the below steps:

1. Click on Menu 
2. Select the desired module where you wish to add the list 
3. Click on the list dropdown bar in the module

4. Click on +New List
5. Provide a List Name and enable the Default checkbox to set the list as default so that you and other users can view only most important records.
6. Select desired columns you would like to see in a custom view and also the sorting criteria
7. Add conditions if you wish to filter out the records.
8. Select the list of users you wish to share the list with by selecting them under the Share the list section.
9. Click Save

Refer : List Creation
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