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What is a campaign?
What are Budget Cost and Actual Cost in Campaigns?
A campaign got canceled. How do I update it in the CRM?
What are Expected Sales Count and Actual Sales Count in Campaigns?
How do I create a campaign?
How do I duplicate a campaign?
What does duplicating a campaign mean?

Can I create new campaign types?

Yes, you can create new campaign types by adding values to the Campaign Type picklist.

Follow these steps to create a new campaign type:
  1. Click your display picture on the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Select Picklist Field Values under Configuration.
  4. Select Campaigns from the Select Module drop-down.
  5. Select Campaign Type from the Select Picklist in Campaigns drop-down.
  6. Click +Add Value to add a picklist item.
  7. Enter the picklist item value.
  8. Pick roles under Who can assign this value to a record?
    • Note: Users with the role that you pick can set their campaign type in a record.
  9. Pick a color for the value.
  10. Click Save.
You can view the newly added value under the Campaign Type Values column.

Note: Settings can be accessed only by Admin users.
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