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How can I create an asset?
How can I share an asset?
How can I add a document from an asset record?
How can I add a case from an asset record?
How can I export an asset record?
How can I print an asset record?
How can I change the template of an asset?
Is the Assets module available for the Sales Starter edition?
What are Assets?
What are the benefits of assets?

Can I create an Asset from Quick Create?

Yes, you can also create an asset by clicking the + button (Quick Create) present on the right-hand top corner of the screen.
Follow these steps to create a record using Quick Create:

  1. Click the  icon displayed on the top right side of your screen.
  2. Click Show all to view all the modules you can create records in using Quick Create.
  3. Select Asset from the Inventory module. 
  4. Enter all the mandatory details.
  5. Click:
  1. Save to save the record.
  2. Save and Continue to save the record and go to its Deep Dive View to enter other details.
  3. Clicking Cancel discards all the information you entered.

To know more about Quick Create, click here.

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