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What is an email campaign?
How do I create an autoresponder email campaign?
What are the different types of opt-ins?
What should I do when my email campaigns subscription becomes inactive?
What happens when I cancel an email campaign?
How can I remove the supension from my email campaign account?
Images do not load correctly on Outlook. Why?
Does an autoresponder campaign send emails on the day it is created?
Is an email address removed from the marketing list if a bounce occurs on it?
What is the benefit of duplicating an email campaign?
I am not able to use my Yahoo email address in the From email field.
What measures can I take if spam complaints, unsubscribes, or bounces occur on my email campaigns?
What is the maximum number of spam complaints, unsubscribes, and bounces I can get on my email campaings?
How many email credits do I get during a free trial?
Why are my allowed credits zero?
What does bounce mean? How does it affect the marketing list?
Can I test an email campaign before sending it out?
Can I reschedule an email campaign?
How can I see the email campaigns that I have sent to a contact?
How can I change my email campaigns plan?
What are the types of email campaigns in Vtiger CRM?
How do I stop my email campaigns from landing Gmail's Promotions?
How do I view the metrics of my email campaigns?
Can I track the recipients' activities on email campaigns?
How do I duplicate an email campaign?
Can I get reports on email campaigns?
What happens if I do not renew my email campaign credits?
Why does my scheduled email campaign get delayed by a few minutes?
Why do contacts mark my email campaigns as spam?
How do I create a regular email campaign?
How do I schedule an email campaign?
Why has my email campaigns subscription has become inactive?
Emails are not getting delivered to my contacts. Why?
My autoresponder email campaign has a slight delay. Why?
Can I stop an autoresponder email campaign?
What are the different statuses that an email campaign can take?
What are email campaign credits?
Is there a free plan for email campaign credits?
What is the difference between available and allowed credits?
How do I setup Email Settings to send an email campaign?
Can I set up a Reply To address for my email campaign?
Can I edit an autoresponder email campaign that has started?
How do I start an autoresponder email campaign?
What are drip email campaigns?
How do I select a marketing list in an email campaign?
How do I know if a marketing list contains contacts or organizations?
When does a contact's Email Opt-in field take the value Opted Out (contact)?

When does Vtiger suspend an email campaign subscription?

We automatically suspend services for an account when the number of bounces, unsubscribed and spam complaints for an email campaign exceed our threshold. 

When this happens:
  • It negatively impacts our server reputation
  • It Affects other customers using our service
  • It also affects email deliverability and our relationship with ISPs such as Gmail, Outlook, and other services
To prevent our server from getting blacklisted, we moderate your account from sending any emails in the future.

Note: When your email campaign services are suspended, then your email campaigns subscription becomes Inactive.

What are the thresholds 



Under 15%


Under 5%

Spam Complaints

Under 0.1%

The stats of your latest email campaign are considered to check the thresholds.

If your email campaign meets at least one of the thresholds as mentioned above, the Nice Score is reduced by 1.
For example,
  • If you send an email campaign to 1000 recipients, and one of the recipients flags it as Spam (0.11%), then your Nice Score is decreased by 1.
  • If you send an email campaign to 900 recipients, and 144 email Bounces (16%) take place, then your Nice Score is decreased by 1.
Nice score reduction will decrease your Allowed credits for the next email campaign.
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