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What happens to Nice Score during a free trial?
What is Nice Score?

How is Nice Score calculated?

Nice Score for email campaigns is dependent on spam complaints, unsubscribes, or bounces. An excess of these  in your email campaigns mean your Nice Score is reduced automatically. Also, the allowed credits to be used in future campaigns will decrease.

If spam complaints, unsubscribes, or bounces are within acceptable limits your Nice Score increases automatically. However, Nice Score does not increase if the size of your email campaign size is less than 50.

Note: During the free trial period, you are provided with 10 email credits to try out email campaigns. Nice Score is not revised during a free trial.

After you subscribe to Vtiger CRM and your payment is successful, your Allowed Credits increase to 1000 but your Nice Score will remain 1. Thereafter, your Nice Score will be revised based on the results of your future email campaigns.
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