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What is a marketing list?
What is a marketing list segment?
Where can I find the list of email campaigns sent to a marketing list?
Why would I need to deactivate a marketing list?
What happens when I deactivate a marketing list?
How do I activate or deactivate a marketing list?
Can I remove a contact's name from an email campaign?
Can I save a marketing list segment to use it in the future?
How do I create a marketing list segment?
How do I create a marketing list while creating an email campaign?
How do I get the list of contacts who have unsubscribed from a marketing list?
How do I create a marketing list?
How can my contacts unsubscribe from a marketing list?
Where can I find the segments created for a marketing list?
Where can I view the analytics of a marketing list?
Is there a way to find out which marketing lists a contact has subscribed to?
Why don't I see some of my marketing lists when creating an email campaign?
How do I delete a marketing list?
What information can I get from a marketing list's Summary View?

Can I create a marketing list segment while creating a email campaign?

Yes, you can. Let us begin by creating an email campaign followed by a marketing list.
Follow these steps to create a marketing list while creating an email campaign:

  1. Log in to your CRM account.
  2. Click the Main Menu.
  3. Go to Marketing.
  4. Select Email Campaigns.
  5. Click +New Email Campaign.
  6. Enter the campaign name.
  7. Select Regular or Autoresponder to create an email campaign.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Click Create New Marketing List in the Recipients section. 
  10. Enter the following information:
    • List Name -Enter the marketing list name.
    • Add Subscribers - Add subscribers by selecting Leads, Contacts, or Organizations.
    • Load conditions from - Filter the subscribers by selecting a pre-existing list in the module selected. For example, if you select Leads in the previous step, then the lists created for Leads are shown in the drop-down list.
      • Note: You can filter the subscribers’ list further by adding more conditions. The total number of subscribers is shown after applying conditions.
  11. Click Apply.
  12. Enable the Subscribers have granted permission to send marketing emails checkbox.
    • Note: You cannot proceed without enabling the checkbox. This is related to the GDPR law. To learn more about GDPR, click here.
  13. Click Done

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