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What is Vtiger Buzz?
Can I be alerted when my colleague shares a List with me?
What is the Actions dashboard?
What is the left menu?
How can I set up alerts for events and tasks?
How can I set up alerts for emails?
How can I set up alerts for @mentions?
How can I set up Smart Alerts?
What are lifecycle conditions?
How can I set up lifecycle conditions?
Can I receive alerts when a record is assigned to me?
How can I set up alerts for idle records?

How do I identify Idle records?

If you have started using Vtiger CRM post December 11th, then refer to 'How to set up alerts for idle records?' FAQ.

The red circle beside the Opportunity indicates that the record has been idle for a specified duration of time.
There has been no contact made with the Opportunity either through Phone, email, SMS, events, etc.

The red circle depends on the Idle record notifier settings as in the Notification Center.
You can define the duration after which the record will be marked as Idle, by following these steps

1. Click on the Bell icon on the right top of your Vtiger page.
2. Click on Settings button.
3. Click on the dropdown icon besides the Opportunity module
4. Enable the switch for Record is Idle For

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