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How can I send images to the client from the chat window?
What are Web Chats?
Is Web Chats available in the Sales Professional edition?
How can I install Web Chats module?
How can I activate the Live chat widget on my website?
What is the importance of the Live Chat widget?
How can I customize the live chat widget to my needs?
What is the Live Chat console?
What is the green tick mark beside the client's photo?
What actions can an agent do in the chat window?
Can I see the location of the client in the Live Chat console?
What are transcripts? Where can I find it?
How can I go back to the Live chat console from List View?
Who are agents in Web Chats?
Can I get a link to the chat record?
Can I add a case from a chat?
Can I add a deal from a chat?
What does One View in Web Chats show?
How can I see a client's feedback?
How can I as a reviewer, give feedback to the agents?
Where can I see a chat's metrics?
What metrics of Web Chats can I see from the Reports module?
Is the Web Chats module available by default in the CRM?
What are the main features of the Live Chat widget?
Why should I configure the Live Chat widget?
Why am I seeing a smiley beside the chat number?
Can I send a transcript to the client if needed?
Who are clients in Web Chats?
What is a tracker code in Web Chats?
What do Pages Visited show in Web Chats?
Can the customers automatically view answers in the widget?
I can see green dots next to a client's name. What does this mean?
What do the numbers in a chat list indicate?
How will I know the source of the customer?
What is the difference between Busy and Offline statuses of an agent?
Can an agent transfer their chat to another agent?
Can an agent view the chats assigned to another agent?
What happens when an agent goes offline?
What is the difference between the New and Open status of a chat?
How will I know when a client replies to me?
How can I add a tag to a chat record?
What does the bulb icon do in Web Chats?
What are the tick marks in the chat window?
Can I send images to the client from the chat window?
Can I open an active chat in a new tab?
Why should I integrate Facebook with Web Chats?
I have a Facebook account, is that enough for Web Chats?
How can I configure Facebook's integration with Web Chats?
How can I check if the Facebook integration with Web Chats is working or no?

How can I track the performance of my agents?

Web Chats have an incredible feature called Chat Insights that enables you to track the performance of your agents. You can generate reports with Chat Insights. Using these metrics, you can help your agents improve their response time and grammatical skills.
Chat Insights will indirectly help you retain your clients.

To know more about Web Chats, click here.
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