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What is DocuSign?
How are electronically signed documents considered genuine?
What are the benefits of using DocuSign?
What are the standard documents that can be signed through DocuSign?
What are the languages that are supported by DocuSign for signing?
What are the languages that are supported by DocuSign when sending a document for signature?
How can I create a DocuSign account?
Should I pay to create a DocuSign account?
What happens to my DocuSign account after the free trial ends?
Can I sign a document in DocuSign if I don't have an internet connection?
Are the signatures in DocuSign safe?
Can I set the order in which signees need to sign in DocuSign if I have more than 1 signee?
Can I mention where the signee has to sign in a document?
Can I send images for signature using DocuSign?

How does DocuSign integration and Esign Documents work?

DocuSign is a software that helps you manage your documents and obtain eSignatures.
The Esign Documents module in Vtiger CRM is designed to integrate with DocuSign and help you send documents to Contacts, Organizations, Vendors, or Leads to obtain signatures electronically.
The CRM automatically tracks the transactions, update transaction status, and attach documents to the Esign record. Using the Esign Document module with DocuSign, you can close more deals faster by making your business completely digital.
To know more about the integration of DocuSign with Vtiger and its benefits, click here.
To know more about DocuSign integration, click here.
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