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What is VICIdial?
What are the benefits of VICIdial integration?
Which versions of VICIdial does Vtiger support?
Is VICIdial integration available in the Sales Starter edition in Vtiger CRM?
How can I get started with VICIdial integration?
Is it necessary to install the Phone Calls to enable VICIdial in the CRM?
Is it necessary to create an account in VICIdial?
How do I setup Vicidial in my CRM account?
How should I add my VICIdial User ID in Vtiger CRM?
How do I get VICIdial incoming call pop-ups in the CRM?
How can I set up recording filename for VICIdial?
Why is my agent not able to see the incoming call pop-up?
Why is Click-To-Call not working for some agents?
Why are Outgoing Call records in the 'triggered' status even after calls are completed?

Why is the Recording Link not Working in Vtiger?

If the Recording Link is not working, here are a few things you can try:
  • Make sure the recording path is set correctly. It is Vtiger > Phone Configuration > Vicidial Recording Path.
  • When a recording link you’re trying to access is not opening in Vtiger, then you need to wait for 15 mins before accessing the link again.
Note: After every call is completed, Vicidial requires 5 - 15 min of time to generate the recording file in the server.

To know more about VICIdial integration, click here.
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