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What are Timelogs?
What are the benefits of Timelogs?
Can I use Timelogs for the Events module?
Why is Timelogs useful for Project Management?
Is Timelogs available in the Sales Starter edition?
I am currently working on a task. How can I track time for this task?
How can I create a timelog?
How can I create a timelog record when I am in a hurry?
I just finished working on a task. How can I create a timelog from the task?
How can I create a Timelog from the Cases Summary View?
Why can't I edit the status of my timelog?
I am not able to log time for two tasks simultaneously. What should I do?
I just created a timelog, and it is in the Completed state. Can I change the status?
Can I have three timelogs for a task?
Why am I not able to make my timelog billable?
What are the different ways of billing a task?
How can I create a billable task?
Is it mandatory to have a service for a billable task?
How can I log time for a billable task?
What happens when I change a task from billable to non-billable?
What happens when I change a task from non-billable to billable?
When do I have to mark a task as 'Is Billable'?
Can I pause the work on four timelogs together?
Does Vtiger offer Resource-based billing?

How can I log time for an ongoing activity?

Follow these steps to log the time spent on an ongoing activity (task, case, etc.):

  1. Click the Main Menu.
  2. Go to any of the following modules:
    • Cases under Support
    • Internal Tickets under Support
    • Tasks under Projects
    • Work Orders under Inventory
  3. From the List View, open the record you want to work on.
  4. In the Summary View, click the Timer icon from the Timelog block.

You will see the timer ticking in the top bar, and a timelog will be automatically created.

  1. You can do the following with the timer:
  1. If you wish to pause the timer, click the timer on the record or on the top bar and click Pause.
  2. Click Resume to resume your work.
  3. Click Stop to end the timer.
  1. In the Timelog Details window, enter all the details.
  2. Click Save.
To know more about Timelogs, click here.
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