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Where can I set up the notifications I want to receive?
How do I access Notification Preferences?
For what type of notifications can I choose my preferences?
What types of contact email-related notifications can I receive?
Is there a way to know if a contact opened an email campaign that I sent?
What happens if I enable a setting in Notification Preferences and disable the same in Actions' configuration?
I am receiving Mention notifications on the Actions page as well as in my inbox. How do I restrict notifications to Actions?

What is the Notification Preferences feature?

Notification Preferences is a setting that allows you to choose whether you want to receive specific notifications and where you want to see them. It is a part of your CRM that you set up under My Preferences settings, but only specific to notifications.
Let us consider a scenario and understand better.
Ari Gale is Mark Hale’s manager. She mentions Mark in a Quote, saying, “@mhale, please send this quote for review.” Mark Hale receives this notification on his Actions page because he chooses to receive mention notifications there.
You can similarly choose your preferences.

To learn more about Notification Preferences, click here.
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