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What are the benefits of mapping the fields of a Lead to other modules?
Why are some fields from Leads already mapped by default?
Can I delete the default mapping?
How can I add a mapping for lead conversion?
How can I delete a field mapping in Lead conversion?
How can I modify a field mapping for lead conversion?
Why can't I see the Leads Conversion Data Mapping setting in the CRM?
Can I add any field from Leads as a part of field mapping?
Why cannot I map the Created Time field from leads to contacts?

I am afraid that I will lose my data if I convert a Lead to a Contact or a Deal. What should I do?

The best way to save your data during conversion is through field mapping.
Vtiger CRM helps you map custom fields in the Leads module to Contacts, Organizations, and Deals modules. So when you convert a lead to contact, organization, or a deal,
  • the CRM considers the field mapping, and 
  • transfers field values in the Lead record to the selected target fields in the Contact, Organization, or the Deal record. 
To know more about Lead Conversion Data Mapping, click here.
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