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What are Articles in Vtiger CRM?
How are Articles better than FAQs?
Is the Articles module available for the Sales Starter edition?
Is the Articles module available by default in the CRM?
How can I install the Articles module?
Where will my articles appear after publishing?
Can I change the appearance of the Help Center from the Articles module?
How can I create an article?
Can I see how my article will appear on the Help Center before publishing?
How can I add an article from the Cases module?
In which status should I create my article?
Will my customers view my articles if it is in the Draft status?
Should I meet any pre-requisites before I create an article?
How can I add screenshots to an article?
How can I add external links to an article?
How can I save the changes made to an article?
What is the Card View in Articles?
What can I do in the List View of the Articles module?
How is the Article's Summary View different from other modules?
Can I add a brief introduction to an Article?
Can I import Articles from my system to the CRM?
How can I export the articles from the CRM?
How can I print an article?
How can I change the template of an article?
Can I see how many views have been recorded on my article?
Can I see the rating of my articles?
Is it mandatory to install the Articles extension?
When I click the Do button from Articles' Summary View, it is not showing anything. Why?

How can I create an article using Quick Create?

Follow these steps to create an article using Quick Create:

  1. Click the icon displayed on the top right side of the screen.
  2. Click the Show all button to view all the modules you can create records in using Quick Create.
  3. Go to Support.
  4. Select Article.
  5. Fill in the following mandatory information:
  • Title - Enter the name of the article.
  • Category - Pick the category where the article belongs.
  • Subcategory - Pick the subcategory where the article belongs. 
  • Status - Pick the status of your article from the drop-down. Status defines what phase your article is currently in.
  • Author - Select the author from the drop-down. It lists the CRM users who have access to the Articles module.
  • Visibility - Select the users to whom your article must be visible. It can be made: 
    • Public - Anybody in the world can read your articles. 
    • Logged in Contacts - Only the contacts who have logged in using their portal credentials can read your articles.  
    • Employees - Only your employees can read your articles.
  1. Click Save and Continue to create and write the article.
    • Clicking Cancel discards all the information you entered.
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