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What is a survey?
Are surveys available in all Vtiger editions?
I cannot find Surveys on the Main Menu.
What are the different survey types?
Can I preview a survey?
How do I create an internal survey?
How do I create an external survey?
How do I send an internal survey link?
How do I send an external survey link?
Can I insert a survey link into the email body?
How do I view survey responses?
How do I add logic to a survey question?
Why do I need to add logic to a survey question?
How do I close a survey?

What type of survey questions can I create?

You can add multiple questions to a survey. Following are the question types that Vtiger supports:
  • Text - For short answers
  • Radio Button - For multiple choice questions
  • Checkbox - For multi-select questions
  • Dropdown - For select a single answer from a list of options
  • Text Area - For long-form answers
  • Rating - For 1-5 rating
  • NPS (Net Promoter Score) - For 1-10 rating
  • Agree/Disagree - For yes/no type of answers
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