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What are taxes?
Why should I use Vtiger's Tax Management?
Is Tax Management available in the Sales Starter edition?
Where can I find Tax Management in Vtiger CRM?
Can I set the Tax Mode separately in records?
How can I set the default Tax Mode?
What is individual tax?
What are tax types in Vtiger CRM?
What is Simple Tax?
What is a Simple Fixed tax?
What is a Simple Variable tax?
What is Compound tax?
What is a Compound Fixed tax?
What is a Compound Variable tax?
Can I change the tax type?
What is Deducted tax?
How can I add a tax?
How many taxes can I apply at a time?
Can we delete a tax once we add it?
How to add taxes for a line item?
What do I do if I don't want a tax setting?
Why can't I edit the taxes?
What is the direct price in charges?
What is percent in charges?
Where do taxes appear?
What are charges in a tax?
Where do charges appear?
What is a charge type?
How can charges be applied to specific regions?
What is a charge value?
Why should I add a charge for a tax?
How can I add a charge?
Can I add a charge in a charge?
Can a charge have a deducted tax?
Can a charge contain a compound tax?
What is tax for charge?
How can I add a tax for a charge?
How many taxes can a charge have?
Are they any restrictions for creating a charge?
What is a tax region?
Where do tax regions appear?
Can I delete a tax region?
Why can't I see the tax region in invoices?
How can I add a tax region?
How is the tax calculated when the tax region is specified in individual tax mode?
How is the tax calculated when the tax region is specified in group tax mode?
How is the tax calculated when the tax region is not specified?
Can I set taxes individually on products and services?
Where is the Shipping and Handling tax merge tag in print templates?

What is a group tax?

When you have hundreds of line items, it’s a hassle to define taxes on each of them. In this case, you can apply a group tax and save time.
When the Group Tax mode is enabled, taxes are applied to the total amount of the line items. For example, if the total value of line items is INR 10000 and the group tax is 11%, then the post-tax value of items is INR 11100.

To know more about Tax Management, click here.

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