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Can my contact be an organization?
Can I add a contact with only a few details and add more details later?
Can I export my contacts to an external source?
How do I import contacts from a .csv file?
What happens to contacts and deals when I delete their related organization?
How can I see the number of deals related to a contact?
How can I assign a contact to a rep?
How can I change a contact back to a lead?
If a Contact moved to another Organization (Company), how should we deal with it?
Where do I set the customer support period for a contact?
Who is a Contact?
How do I create a contact?
How can I add hundreds of contacts at once?
Can I create a contact using Quick Create?
How do I identify if a contact is a lead or a customer?
What does a contact's Lifecycle Stage field indicate?
What is contact hierarchy?
How do I set up contact hierarchy?
Where do I view contact hierarchy?
How do I transfer a deal and its contacts to a different sales rep?
Can I export contacts in bulk?
I want to export only a few contacts. How can I do that?
How do I delete many contacts at once?
What are the different ways to create a contact?

How do I convert a contact into a customer?

When a contact who is a lead is qualified and determined to be a potential sale, you can convert them into a deal. You can also create an organization record simultaneously to store their company information.

Follow these steps to convert a lead:
  1. Log in to your CRM account.
  2. Click the Main Menu.
  3. Go to Essentials.
  4. Select Contacts
  5. Open the contact that you want to convert.
  6. Click the Convert Contact button on the top of the Summary View.
  7. Enter the following information:
    • Lifecycle Stage - What stage of the sales process is the contact in? For example, marketing qualified, sales qualified, customer, etc.
    • Status - Is the contact active, inactive, or No Longer With Company (NLWC)? 
    • Assigned To - Which CRM user is the contact assigned to?
    • Do you want to create a deal? - Enable the New Deal checkbox if you want to create a deal simultaneously while converting the contact.
      • Fill out the deal information.
  8. Click Save
 You can see the deal you created under Main Menu > Sales > Deals.
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