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Can my contact be an organization?
Can I add a contact with only a few details and add more details later?
Can I export my contacts to an external source?
How do I import contacts from a .csv file?
What happens to contacts and deals when I delete their related organization?
How can I see the number of deals related to a contact?
How can I assign a contact to a rep?
How can I change a contact back to a lead?
If a Contact moved to another Organization (Company), how should we deal with it?
Where do I set the customer support period for a contact?
Who is a Contact?
How do I create a contact?
How can I add hundreds of contacts at once?
Can I create a contact using Quick Create?
How do I identify if a contact is a lead or a customer?
How do I convert a contact into a customer?
What does a contact's Lifecycle Stage field indicate?
What is contact hierarchy?
How do I set up contact hierarchy?
Where do I view contact hierarchy?
How do I transfer a deal and its contacts to a different sales rep?
Can I export contacts in bulk?
How do I delete many contacts at once?
What are the different ways to create a contact?

I want to export only a few contacts. How can I do that?

You can export contact information in mass from the List View. Contacts are exported into a CSV file. 

You can pick the records you want to exporting by choosing one of the following options:
  • Export selected records - You can use this option when you have selected a set of records.
  • Export records in the current page - Use this option to export only the contacts on the current page of the List View.
  • Export all data - This option allows you to export all the contact records in the CRM.
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