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How to use Landing Pages Editor components?

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The components and usage of the below Landing Page Editor are as follows:

1. Open Style Manager
  • Allows you to select Classes States such as Hover, Click, and Even/Odd.
  • General: Provides Float, Display, and Position settings.
  • Flex: Provides the Flex, Justify Content, Order, and Align Content settings.
  • Dimension: Provides Width, Height, Margin, and Padding settings.
  • Typography: Provides Font, Colour, Line-height, Text Align, and Text shadow settings.
  • Decorations: Provides Border radius, Background color, Border, Box Shadow, and Background settings.
  • Extra: Provides Transition, Perspective and Transform settings.

2. Settings
  • This section helps you enter the input ID and title details.
3. Open Layer Manager
  • This section displays every specific component of the template. It also allows you to rearrange the positioning order of the components.
4. Open Blocks
  • Basic: Provides options such as adding Columns, Centre align, Link, Text, Text section, and Icons.
  • Media: Helps you add Images and Videos.
  • Extra: Allows you to add Navbar, Map, Table, and IFrame.
5. View Components: This allows you to view every specific component of the template.
6. Preview: This allows you to preview the template.
7. Full screen: Provides the full-screen view.
8. Undo: Helps you revoke the action performed.
9. Redo: Helps you repeat the action performed.
10. Delete: Delete the entire template at once.
11. Desktop view: Displays the desktop view of the template.
    Tablet view: Displays the tablet view of the template
    Mobile view: Displays the mobile view of the template.
12. Insert: Helps you insert an Appointment, Survey link or Webform. Clicking on the same will direct you to the below screen.

13. Choose Another Template: Helps you choose another template if you wish to change.
14. Page Details: Helps you fill in the page details if you wish to change the Name, Description, or Owner details.
15. Save as Draft: Clicking on Save as Draft will save the created Landing Page as a Draft record in the List view of the Landing Pages module, as shown in the image below.

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