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What is Analytics for all the Landing Pages?

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Clicking the Analytics icon on the List View of the Landing Pages module you will be navigated to the below Analytics section of all Landing Pages.

The Analytics page provides the below details:
Total Views: Displays the Total View count of all accessible pages.
Total Conversions: Displays the Total Conversion percentage of all accessible pages. Conversion here refers to every user submission of an Appointment, Survey or Webform available on the Landing Page.
Total Unique Visitors: Displays the Total Unique Visitors count across all pages.
Top Pages
  1. #visitors: Displays a table of all Pages ordered by Visitors in descending order.
  2. #views: Displays Visitors and Views count.
News V/S Returning Visitors: Graphically displays the count of Unique Visitors and the Visitors who have returned back again.
Top 10 Countries Visitor Sources: Graphically displays Top 10 Countries that have more visitors.
Total Views by Device: Displays the count of Total Views of all pages via Device (such as mobile, PC, etc.).
Total Views by Channel: Displays the count of Total Views of all pages via Channel (such as emails and SMEs.).
Performance: Graphically displays the Views, Conversions, and Bounces by date.

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