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What is Landing Pages Detailed View?

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Let us now understand the Detailed view of the Landing Pages records.
Clicking the Draft or Published records on the List view, you will be navigated to the below Detailed view.

Let us understand the options available on the Detailed View of the Landing Pages records
  • Preview: Clicking Preview, you will be directed to the preview of the created Landing Page as shown below.

  • Change Status: This allows you to change the Landing Page status to - Draft, To be Reviewed, Reviewed, Published, and Disabled. 

Once you change from one Status to the other the below success message is displayed.
  • Edit: Clicking Edit directs you back to the below editor screen to make changes to the specific Landing Page.
  • Activity: This allows you to post and receive comments for the respective Landing Page.
To know more about Landing Pages, click here.
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