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How to perform Landing Pages custom domains?

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Let us now understand how to perform Landing Pages custom domains.
Vtiger does not support CNAME based redirections for Landing Page yet.
But you can still use your custom domain configuration in the server for redirections to the Landing Page.
For Instance, if your domain server is under Apache
  1. Enable proxy
    1. a2enmod proxy
    2. a2enmod proxy_http
  2. Updating Configuration
    1. File name /etc/apache2/sites-available/yourdomain.com.conf
    2. Append these lines
      1. SSLProxyEngine On
      2. SSLProxyCheckPeerCN on
      3. SSLProxyCheckPeerExpire on
      4. ProxyPass / https://customdomain.com/path
      5. ProxyPassReverse / https://landing_page_url 

    Now, when you access https://customdomain.com/path the URL remains the same,  but the inclusive content will be the Landing Page content only.
To know more about Landing Pages, click here.
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