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How does Gmail Go-To Actions work with Vtiger CRM?

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Note: This feature is available for only those who have added their Gmail accounts as their primary email in Vtiger CRM.
  • In Vtiger CRM, a notification is triggered for the customer’s primary gmail account:
    • By default for:
      • Email verifications
      • Approvals.  
    • When you set up email as the Alert channel for Activity Alerts and Smart Alerts.
To know more about activity alerts and smart alerts in Vtiger CRM click here.
  • An Actions button is added to the emails that are a part of the Inbox (List View).
  • When the email user clicks the Actions button, respective activities are executed without the user having to leave the email. 
  • The label of a Go- To Actions button automatically takes the label of the action to be performed. For example, ‘View Case’.
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