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What are Gmail Go-To Actions with Vtiger CRM?

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Gmail Go-To Actions provides Actions buttons for emails notifying CRM actions assigned to you. Clicking the Actions button, you can directly execute the action within Gmail.

What are Action buttons?
An Action button is a button provided for an email on your Inbox indicating the action assigned to you. Clicking it you can directly execute the action without going to the email’s Detailed View or exiting Gmail.

 In Vtiger CRM, Gmail Go-To Actions feature is available for the following emails:
  1. Activity and Smart Alerts - Emails notifying activity alerts and smart alerts.
  2. Verifications - Emails notifying user and group mailbox verifications.
  3. Approvals - Emails notifying approval requests.
To use Gmail Go-To Actions for activity and smart alert emails you must enable Email as the Alert Channel. To learn how to enable email as the alert channel for activity alerts and smart alerts click here.

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