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What is User and Contact access to Deal Room?

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User Access to the Deal Room
The user (Assigned To or Owner of a deal), Co-Owners (who also own the deal), and Reports To (Manager of the Assignee) users can directly log in to the Deal Room by clicking the Deal Room button.
Note: In this article, we refer to User, Co-Owner, and Reports To as Users of the Deal Room.

Contacts Using the Deal Room
Contacts for a deal (users added or linked as Contacts to a deal) can log in to the Deal Room only via the Deal Room Invite sent by designated users. 
The Deal Room Invite is an email invite link sent by CRM Users with which contacts log into the Deal Room. It is sent to the Contacts associated with the deal via email. To know more about adding or linking contacts to a deal click here.
Contacts who receive the link can log into the Deal Room using a valid email address and OTP. The OTP is sent to the primary email address listed in the Contact records. Contacts other than the receivers cannot log in to the Deal Room unless they have the OTP.

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