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What is the Questions section in the Deal Room?

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The Questions tab displays a list of:
  • Questions posted by contributors within the Deal Room and their resolution status.
  • Public comments that are posted for a deal in the Activity section of a deal record. 
    • If CRM users post a public comment for a deal, it appears as a question under Questions in the Deal Room by default.

In this section you can ask a question, and provide replies. You can also edit a question and if a reply was satisfactory, you can mark a question as resolved. Let us look at the actions available in this tab. 

Asking a question - Clicking the Ask Question button lets you ask a question which will then be displayed under Questions.
Follow these steps to ask a question :
  1. Click the Ask Question button. The Ask Question window is displayed.
  2. Type your questions in the Ask Question window.
  3. Click Post.
Your question will now be displayed under Questions.

Replying to a question  - Clicking the Reply button allows you to reply to any question in the Deal Room.

Follow these steps to reply to a question:
  1. Select the question you want to reply to.
  2. Click Reply. The Reply window is displayed. 
  3. Type your reply in the Reply window.
  4. Click Post.
You can view your replies for specific questions in the Questions section. Simply click on the question to display the replies.

Editing a question or a reply - Clicking the Edit button allows you to edit a question or a reply.

Follow these steps to edit a question or a reply:
  1. Select a question or reply you want to edit.
  2. Click Edit. The Edit Comment window is displayed.
  3. Edit a question or a reply.
  4. Click Post.
You can view the edited questions or replies under Questions. 
Note: You will be able to edit questions or replies posted only by you and not other members.

Marking a question as Resolved in the Deal Room - If a reply was satisfactory, you can mark a question as resolved by clicking the Mark as Resolved button.

Follow these steps to mark a question as resolved:
  1. Select the question you want to mark as resolved.
  2. Click Mark as Resolved. A pop-up displays a message asking you to confirm - Are you sure you want to mark this question as resolved?
  3. Click Ok.
  4. The question you edited will now have the Resolved label.
The questions you have resolved will appear under Questions with the Resolved label.
Note: Under Questions, questions that are not marked as resolved, will have the label Open.

Posting a Public Comment in a deal record
Follow these steps to post a public comment: 
  1. Login to your CRM account.
  2. Click the Main Menu.
  3. Click Sales.
  4. Look for Pipeline Management.
  5. Select Deals
  6. Select the deal you want to comment on. The Summary View of a deal record is displayed.
  7. Add your comment in the Activity section.
  8. Click Post a comment and mention. The Comment window is displayed.
  9. Type your comment.
  10. Click the down arrow on the Comment button.
  11. Click Post and publish to portal.
Note: Not selecting Post and publish to portal will make your comment a private comment and it  will not be published in the Deal Room.
  1. Go back to the Deal Room.
  2. Refresh the Deal Room by clicking the Refresh icon on your browser..
You can view the comment you posted  under Questions in the Deal Room.
  • A user can choose to post public or private comments, replies, and edits for a deal in the CRM. Only the public ones will be displayed in the Deal Room.
  • The Public icon denotes that a comment is public.
  • Questions posted by Contributors in the Deal Room will by default be
displayed as Comments along with the Contributor’s name in the Activity
section of a deal record.

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