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How to create Purchase Returns?

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In this section let us learn how to create Purchase Returns.

Follow these steps to create a Purchase Return in:
  1. Login to your CRM account.
  2. Click the User Menu.
  3. Click Inventory.
  4. Look for Order Fulfillment.
  5. Select Receipt Notes
  6. Select a Receipt Note with Status Received. You will be directed to the Summary View of the Receipt Note record.
  7. Click More (3 dots) on the top right corner of the screen.
  8. With a scroll down, you will see the Purchase Return option.
  9. Click Purchase Return.

  1. Under the Purchase Return Information section, the following fields are autofilled:
  1. Name - Name of the Purchase Return.
  2. Purchase Order - Purchase Order linked to the Receipt Note.
  3. Receipt Note - Receipt Note linked to the Purchase Return.
  4. Vendor Name - Purchase Order’s Vendor Name.
  5. Contact Name - Purchase Order’s Contact Name.
  6. Status: Select an appropriate status for the purchase return from the dropdown, such as:
i. Created: When you have initiated a Purchase Return.
ii. Returned: When you have returned the products.
Note: Status Created is chosen by default.
  1. Assigned To: Owner of the Purchase Return.

  1. Under the Item Details, enter or select the following details:
  1. Returned Quantity - Enter the number of products to be returned to vendors.
  2. Return Reason - Select an appropriate reason for the Purchase Return from the dropdown (as stated by vendors).
Note: All the other fields are auto filled.
  1. In the Description Details the description is autofilled if available for the Receipt Note.
Note: If you create a Purchase Return via Purchase Return module you will have to manually add or select all the above auto filled fields.
  1. Click Save. You will be directed to the Summary View of the Purchase Return record displaying the success message Purchase return Created!.
With this, a Purchase Return record will be created and saved in the Purchase Return module.
You have now successfully created a Purchase Return.
If you create a Purchase Return for a Receipt Note with any Status other than Received, you will be directed to the following error message Selected Receipt Note status should be Received.

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