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What is the CoA in Vtiger CRM?

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Chart of Accounts (CoA) is an accounting add-on in Vtiger CRM. It helps you group and track your financial transactions into different categories for easy accounting and tax management. It is available as an Inventory feature under Inventory Settings. 
With the CoA addon, you can set up different types of CRM accounts. It also enhances your tax management process bringing about additional tax modes. It helps you link and apply its tax modes for Inventory modules facilitating easier and automated tax updation. It links and auto syncs your Organization’s, Vendor’s, Contact’s and Product’s Sales and Purchase account taxes with Inventory modules.
Currently, the CoA syncs with MYOB accounting only. The sync is one-way, and you can import data from MYOB into your CRM. 
The CoA fields in the following modules automatically sync with related fields in MYOB:  
  • Organization
  • Vendor
  • Contact
  • Product
  • Sales 
  • Purchase
With the CoA, you can:
  • Configure multiple types of CRM accounts.
  • Use the three additional tax modes that have been added to the Default Tax modes.
  • Automatically sync Inventory modules with the Sales and Purchase account’s taxes of related Organizations, Vendors, Contacts and Products.
  • Use the Sales and Purchase account fields that have been added .
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