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How to create Formula fields?

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In this section let us learn how to create formula fields in Vtiger CRM.
Note: For instance, we are creating the formula field Price for the Invoices module. You can create a formula for any module.

Follow these steps to create a formula field:
  1. Login to your CRM account.
  2. Click the User Menu.
  3. Click Settings on the left corner of the screen.
  4. Look for Module Management.
  5. Click Module Layouts & Fields.
  6. Select a module for which you want to create a formula field - Invoices.
  7. Select a section for which you want to create a formula field - Item Details.
  8. Click +Add Custom Field. This will take you to the Create Custom Field window where you can create a formula field.
  9. Enter or select the below information:
  1. Select Field Type - Select Formula.
  2. Label Name - Enter a name for the formula Price.
  3. Value data type - Select a suitable data type for the formula field Decimal.
  4. Max digits allowed - Enter the maximum digits you want to allow for the formula field 10.
  5. Decimals - Enter the number of decimals you want to allow for the formula field 2.
  1. Expression - This allows you to select the fields and functions to be evaluated for the formula:
  1. Use Field - Select the fields to be evaluated.
  1. Use Function - Select the functions to be evaluated. Or both if required.
  2. Enter the formula to be executed in the Expression box.
For instance, we have selected: 
  • Fields - Quantity and Unit Selling Price. 
  • Function  - roundoff(field,precision). This function is used to round off a number to the specified precision. 
  • Formula - Quantity multiplied (*) by Unit Selling Price rounded off to 2 decimal values. Hence the Formula is roundoff(Quantity * Unit Selling Price,2).
  • Follow these steps to enter the formula roundoff(Quantity * Unit Selling Price,2):
    • Select roundoff(field,precision) function.
    • Select Quantity, Unit Selling Price fields as field values.
    • Enter 2 as precision value.
    • Enter Quantity * Unit Selling Price.
  1. Click Save.
You have now successfully created the formula field Price for Invoices.
Once you create a formula field for a module, the created formula field will be applied only to the following:
  • New records created and saved from then on.
  • Old records that are edited.
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