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How to export CRM records to Google Sheets?

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In this section, let us learn how to export List View records.
Follow these steps to export CRM List View records to Google Spreadsheets:
  1. Log in to your CRM account.
  2. Go to a module whose records you want to export. This will take you to its List View.
  3. Select a record by clicking the checkbox which appears when you hover  the mouse over a record. With this, the Actions bar pops up.
  4. Click More (three dots).
  5. Select Export to Google. This will take you to the Export to Google Spreadsheet window.
  6. Select one of the following export options:
    1. Export records on the current page - This option exports all the records available on the existing page to a spreadsheet.
    2. Export all data (maximum 1000 records) - This option exports 1000 records available for the module to a spreadsheet.
  7. Select one of the following export option:
  1. Create sheet and add data - This option creates a new spreadsheet and adds data to it. If you select this option, the Spreadsheet Name field pops up.
    1. Spreadsheet Name - In this field enter a name for the spreadsheet.
  2. Add Data to Existing Spreadsheet - This option adds data to an existing spreadsheet. If you select this option Select an Option dropdown pops up.
    1. Select an Option - Select a spreadsheet to which you want to add data.
8. Click Export. This will take you to your Gmail authentication screen.
9. Login to your Gmail account. If you have already logged in, choose an account to export data to
  Google Sheets.
Note: You will have to authenticate your Gmail account the first time you log in. From then on you can export data to spreadsheets.
10. If the export is successful the Success message is displayed.

A spreadsheet is now successfully created or updated in your Google Sheets. 
You have now successfully exported CRM List View records to Google Spreadsheets.

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