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What is the Hunter.io integration with Vtiger CRM?

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Integrating Hunter.io with CRM easily retrieves the count of department-wise email addresses for an Organization-specific domain along with their professional details. It carries out email verifications for your business contacts and explicitly provides their verification statuses.

Note: The Hunter. io feature is available only for the Contacts and Organizations modules in CRM. 

Hunter. io for the Organizations Module
You can find domain-specific email addresses using Hunter.io using the domain name specified in the website field of an Organization record. 

Note:  To access Hunter.io from an Organization record, the Website field should be populated with data. 

Hunter.io provides the following information: 

  •  The count of domain-specific email addresses (email senders) received for an organization. 
  • Separate counts of generic (company) and personal (individual) email addresses received. 
  • The count of email addresses received department-wise, such as Sales, Support, HR,  etc.

You can display more details of email addresses such as first name, last name, phone, position, department, etc., and also the sources for email addresses. You can also add contacts from this window. 

Hunter. io for the Contacts Module
Hunter. io picks the specified email address and the organization from a contact record for email verification. It verifies if a contact’s email address is valid. Once verified, it displays the verification status accordingly. This feature is available in the One View of Contacts records.  

Note: To access Hunter.io from a Contact record, the Email, and Organization Name fields should be populated with data.

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