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How do I use Hunter.io in the Organizations module?

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You can use the Hunter.io feature in the Organizations module to search and report the count of domain-specific email addresses received for an Organization.
It provides separate counts of personal and generic email
addresses received. You can also click the more icon to:
  • View detailed information of email address senders
  • Add email senders as contacts to CRM
  • View sources for email addresses
Follow these steps to access Hunter.io in the Organizations module:
  1. Login to your CRM account.
  2. Click the User Menu.
  3. Look for Lead & Contact Management.
  4. Click Organizations.
  5. Click on an Organization record. You will be directed to its Summary View.
  6. Click the One View widget on the right corner of the screen to display the One View section. 
  7. If the website details of an organization record are available, the Hunter.io widget displays the count of email addresses for the organization’s domain department-wise. 
  8. To get more information click the here button. A pop-up window displays details for email addresses received, such as email ID, Phone Number, Department, etc. 
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