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How do I sync data between Constant Contact and Vtiger CRM

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If you have successfully configured Constant Contact Sync Settings, you can start syncing contacts between Constant Contact and the CRM.  
Follow these steps to start syncing: 
  1. Login to your CRM account.
  2. Click the User Menu.
  3. Click Lead & Contact Management > Contacts.
  4. Click the Sync button in the List View. This will take you to the Sync window.
  5. Look for User level Connectors > Constant Contact.
  6. Click the Sync Log button beside Constant Contact. You will be directed to the Constant Contact Sync Log screen. 
  7. Click the Sync Now button to sync contacts. 
  8. The Constant Contact Sync Log page displays. It displays the sync date and time and the following statuses for records:  
    1. Created - Contact records that were created and saved in Constant Contact or CRM.
    2. Updated - Contact records that were updated and saved in Constant Contact or CRM.
    3. Skipped - Contact records with errors during creation, updation, and deletion or records with empty mandatory fields.
    4. Deleted - Contact records that were deleted in Constant Contact or CRM
  9. Clicking on the numbers will open the Records Created in the Vtiger window that displays the Source Module and Record Name. Clicking the Record name will direct you to the respective Contact record. Clicking the Download As CSV tab will download the source modules and record names to a CSV file.
  • Every time you create, update, or delete a contact in Constant Contact or Vtiger CRM, you will have to follow the above sync procedure. 
  • If you want to revoke or stop the contacts’ mutual sync, click the Revoke Access button on the Constant Contact Sync Log screen.
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