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How do I view existing Vendors?

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Ways of Viewing Vendors’ Records

  •  Summary View

Summary View is the view that appears when you click a particular record from the List View. The Summary View displays a collection of all the key information of the record.
The Summary View can be divided into four sections. Each section has a particular functionality.
  •  Summary View Actions

    • Follow: You can follow any vendor record to get updates on all the activities performed on that record.
    • Tags: You can add tag names to the record to identify the record easily.
    • Print: You can print the vendors or save it as a PDF for future references.
    • Duplicate: You can duplicate the current record and have all the details reflected in a new record.
    • Delete: You can delete a record by clicking this button.
  •  Activity

    This section lists all the activities performed on that particular record. You can also add filters and view specific activities.
  •  Do button

    When you click on the do button on the right-hand top corner of the Summary View, you will see the following:
    • Reach out now-You can get in touch with the Vendor via Email, Call, or SMS at the moment.
    • Reach out later- You can schedule an email, event, or task with the Vendor.
    • Add or Create- You can add or create other modules related to the Vendors.
  •  Widgets

  • Analytics-You can view all the metrics related to the vendors in the form of charts, mini-lists, etc. You can also create new ones here.
  • Items- Displays the required products or services that the vendor has to supply.
  • Sales Ops- Displays the PO linked to that particular vendor.
  • Person- Displays the Contact to whom the delivery has to be made.
  •  Deep Dive view

You can view and edit all the information about the vendor record by clicking the Deep Dive button in the Summary View of the record.
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