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How do you create an Audit template in Vtiger CRM?

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Step 1: Adding Audit Template details
Follow these steps to create an Audit Template: (All fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory.)
  1. Go to the Main menu.
  2. Select Apps > Quality Audit.
  3. Click Audit Templates
  4. Click +Add Audit Template on the top right. The Audit Template form opens.
  5. Add the following information in the Basic Information window.
    1. Audit Name* - Add the name of the Audit Template. 
    2. Assigned To* - Add the instructor or administrator’s name. 
    3. Start Date* - Select the date you want to start the template.
      1. You can click on the calendar icon to select the date.  
    4. Frequency* - Select the frequency of the Audit Templates. You can select Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, and Manual.
    5. Repeat*- If you want users to repeat a course, select the repetition frequency. You can repeat the occurrence of a template once every 30 days.
    6. Number of Recurrences* - You can choose the Number of recurrences based on your requirement.
    7. Until* - Based on the start date and frequency, the date in this field will be fixed.
    8. Conditions -  
      1. Select any list of Load conditions.
      2. Conditions will be auto-picked..
      3. Give any conditions manually if you want to include a filter further. 
    9. Select Auditor - You can select the auditor from the drop-down.
    10. Go To Question
      1. Click Add Section
      2. Add Section Title
      3. Choose Greater than or less than from the drop-down. (Optional)
      4. Enter the value in the box. (Optional)
      5. Select the Critical check box. (Optional)
      6. Select the Question type from the left and drop. 
      7. The following Question types can be selected:
        1. Radio Button
        2. Checkbox
        3. Dropdown
        4. Rating
        5. Agree/Disagree
        6. Type the question in the Question field.
        7. Click +Add Option to add sub-options For example: If the Radio button is selected, you can add other options for No and Maybe.
        8. Click the icons beside the option fields to enable them. (Optional)
The following icons can be enabled:
  1. Comment
  2. Image
  3. Video
Note: If the icon is enabled, action will be mandatory.
  1. Select the value in the box available next to the icons.
  2. Select the Internal Ticket icon to raise Internal Tickets.
  3. Enter the Audit Total Score condition.
  4. Click Save.
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